Customer Service & Technical Support



1) Do  Edgetech Instruments' products come with a NIST traceable calibration certificate?

Yes, all Edgetech Instruments' products ship with a NIST traceable calibration certificate.

2) What is the ABC cycle?

ABC stands for Automatic Balance Cycle which is a technical term for enhancing the accuracy and prolonging the operation of the chill mirror hygrometer. The ABC cycle can be programmed at user’s settable intervals.

3) What are some special considerations when trying to measure a dew point below -40C?

When measuring below -40C, use stainless steel material (tubing, fittings, etc), recommended flow rate is 1-3 SCFH, pump and flow meter should be mounted downstream from the sensor, and minimize the amount of fittings used (source of leaks).

4) Does Edgetech Instruments rent equipment?

Yes, the Edgetech Instruments' rental policy is per month and there is also a rent to own program.

5) What are the advantages of using a chill mirror sensor over other technology (secondary measurements)?

A) It is a fundamental principle

B) No drift

C) Reliable

D) Repeatable

E) The best accuracy possible

F) Fundamental principle

6) Does Edgetech Instruments offer field calibration services?

Yes, there is a minimal 8 hr service call.

7) What is the procedure for returning a unit for recalibration/service?

Contact the service department @ 978-310-7659 for a return authorization number.

Shipping address is: Edgetech Instruments Inc., 399 River Road, Hudson, MA 01749

8) What are the payment terms?

 Net 30 upon, credit approval, or by credit card (all major credit cards accepted), or by wire transfer.

9) How do you measure elevated dew points above ambient temperature?

 A) All components that the sample gas contact must be at a higher temperature than the measurable dew point. This includes the sample gas lines.

10) What does a typical sampling system look like?