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SENTRY Compressed Air Monitor and Alarm

Product Description

The Edgetech Instruments Model SENTRY detects upset conditions in compressed air systems by constantly monitoring dew point and pressure at the system header or dryer output. The SENTRY alarms when a loss in pressure or high dew point is detected. This information is valuable in detecting compressor failures, system leaks, or drops in dryer performance. A pulsing audible alarm and strobe lamp provide quick notification of upset conditions. The SENTRY also provides a local display of pressure, dew point and system status as well as 4-20mA analog output and alarm relay contacts.


An Edgetech SMART Multi-Sense Polymer Probe is mounted into the pressurized gas stream and provides pressure and dew point analysis using a single penetration point into the process. Since the measurement is done at pressure, the SENTRY automatically pressure compensates the Dew Point calculation.

The SMART sensor probe features a replaceable sensor tip that is factory calibrated and is provided with a NIST Traceable certificate. There is no need to send the probe back to the factory for calibration. Simply replace the sensor tip on-site! Save transportation costs and downtime by using tip replacement. The SENTRY system will recognize the new tip and automatically reset the system to accept the new calibration data stored in the sensor tip electronics. The sensor tip comes with a NIST traceable certificate for your quality records. Save time and Money!


• SENTRY 85: Provides pulsed 85 dB audible and strobe lamp alarms

• SENTRY 100: Provides pulsed 100 dB audible and strobe lamp alarms

• MULTI-SENSE SMART Probe provides pressure and dew point measurement

• Strobe Lamp and Pulsing Audible Alarms for Low Pressure or High Dew Point

• Displays Dew Point and Pressure

• NIST Traceable, field-replaceable Smart Sensor Tip

• Alarm Relay Output and 4-20mA Outputs

• Universal VAC Power 90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz., comes with 10’ (3m) power cord installed

• Quick Connect Sensor Probe Cable, comes with 3’ (1m) cable

• Plug n’ Play Operation


  • Compressed Air Headers
  • Point of Use Compressed Air
  • Dry Air Systems for Critical Process
  • Monitor Dryers in Fluidized Beds
  • Monitor Instrument Air Systems
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Laboratories / Clean Rooms
  • Sensitive Product Storage
  • Monitor Purge Delivery Systems


Accessories/ Options:

• CAM compressed air module: Sample chamber for probe. Provides sample flow to sensor probe and includes a ball valve to isolate the probe from the pressurized source during service. 3/4 inch NPT Female pipe threaded port to compressed air system take-off point

• Pipe Flange: For Probe insertion to 4 inch process flange; available in SS or PVC

• Serial Output Interface Cable: connects PC to SENTRY, available for changing factory settings


  • Air Separators
  • Automotive
  • Compressed Air
  • Food and Beverage
  • Furnace
  • Medical Gas
  • Metrology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Semiconductor
  • General Purpose